Our creative standards are higher. (Lame "legal weed" jokes notwithstanding.)

08 Jan 2016 10:30 AM | Anonymous

Colorado advertising. No, it might not get the loudmouth hype of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or Boston. Or strut the precious, hipster cache of Portland, Austin, Minneapolis, or the other Portland...you know, the one in New England or Nova Scotia or wherever.

But let's look at the facts: between Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and elsewhere, we have countless strategically-ballsy, creatively-killer agencies. Large and small. Global, national and local clients. Allpacked with ridiculous talent pushing wheelbarrows-full of Lions, Pencils and Effies. And that's just the full-timers—Colorado is also home to some of the most amazing freelance talent in the country.

Best of all, we do it all without the petty sniping, backstabbing and bluster of the so-called "major" markets. We're honestly rooting for each other. ("A rising snowfall raises all chairlifts," as no one, in Colorado or elsewhere, has ever said.) Which is why we're inviting agency creatives and freelancers from all over the state to help the Ad Club tell its story. Grow its membership. Attract more top talent and speakers. You name it. And here's how you can pitch in: 

1) Download the creative/strategic brief. Ad Club CO Brief.pdf

2) Concept your ass off.

3) Send your ideas/executions for print/poster, digital display/banner, social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to adclubco@gmail.com and yes, we even want fun message board responses.

4) Watch your ideas possibly get chosen, approved, produced, seen, read, framed, hugged, kissed, generally slobbered over.

5) Be immortalized as the person/people who did awesome work for the Ad Club that was celebrated and honored by all the agencies in the area...who now owe you a BIG debt of gratitude.

6) Awkwardly high-five yourself.

That's it. It's a chance for you to showcase your conceptual & executional chops on a big stage. And a chance for us to get amazing work to grow the profile, membership and "street cred" of the Ad Club and Colorado region at large. Win-win. So whaddya say?...



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