What is it about Colorado?

Is it the glorious mountain views? The energy? The vibe? The oversized playground squeezed between Utah and Kansas? 

Something here draws flocks of artists, musicians, innovators, and people with plenty of creative bones in their creative bodies to inspire our already inspiring state. With this sense of entrepreneurial creative gumption, Ad Club was born. Founded in 2007, we are the nation's newest and oldest advertising association—continuing the traditions planted 115 years after the nation's first ad club was launched here and catapulting today's fresh perspectives into open territories.

Our intent is to generate monster-size events for the greater good of Colorado's advertising and marketing community. Nationally-recognized names such as Alex Bogusky, David Droga, Allen Rosenshine, Luke Sullivan and Tor Myhren have made their way to Denver to impart their experiences and wisdom.

Ad Club also prides itself on cultivating America's more progressive ideas, such as The 50—a one-of-a-kind award show that heralds Colorado's 50 best ideas sans categories or trophies. What better way to celebrate breakthrough work.

Networking abounds with regular social gatherings. Think the wildly-popular Kegs with Legs or career-boosting meet-and-greets like Connect.

Today, thanks to our founding members, Ad Club reigns 400 members strong, the guiding force for advertising today, tomorrow and beyond. Will you jump on board and be part of this movement?   

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