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This is who we are

We don’t have the cushy office, the wall of awards (yet), or the expense account. That’s exactly why we’re kicking ass—we’re hungry and we’re powered by a concoction of caffeine and passion. 

We’re a menagerie of the wacky, insane, fun, and eager young professionals, recent grads, and students who want a meeting of the minds with fellow Ad-crazies. We’re moving brands and our careers forward and giving back to the community. The heart of our organization focuses on Public Service, Education, and connecting you to your next boss.  

This is what we do.

Social Networking aka Kegs with Legs

Calling all Ad-holics. Looking for all those cool ad kids? Just graduated and now what? Feeling lonely and need some ad company? Can’t wait to slag the latest commercial you just saw? Been a long week? Month?

We understand. Come out to the Best Damn Happy Hour in Denver™ and share war stories, work and your best Bogusky imitation. Who knows, you may even make a friend or two.


Start sucking less. We like to have fun, but at the end of the 16-hour day it’s about the work. It’s about learning, improving and creating better work than yesterday and even better tomorrow. Our portfolio program, NEXT, is structured so you can get better at what you love, and get where you want to go.

Being the quarters champion is not a career skill. We’ve developed courses, taught by Denver advertising pros, so you can learn skills that will serve you outside the bar. So, get off your ass and come learn a thing or two. Make your mom proud. Make her even more proud by receiving the NEXTminded scholarship.

Guest Speakers

These ain’t no talking heads. The best and brightest talent from Denver’s advertising and marketing community who’ve been there and done that at least 12 times will tell stories, inspire, and help you get better.

So, come give them a listen, you’ll probably learn something new and fill up your advertising tank with good information. Or you could keep running on empty, that’s up to you.

Ad 2 has 22 chapters that range all across America, from California to the Carolinas, focused on bringing the 32 and under advertising junkies the best of the best. Come like us on Facebook.


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