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To put it bluntly, we’re the future of Colorado's advertising and marketing community. We’re a group of professionals whose experience ranges from just out of school to grizzled, but not jaded veterans.

Here’s what’s up.

Membership Dues:

$125 for professionals
$45 for students
FREE if you work for Integer, one of our founding sponsors

Ad2 Colorado members also get the following memberships:

Ad Club – That’ll save you $150. You can use it for the forces of food or booze. Whatever.
Ad2 Denver membership lasts 12 months from the date of enrollment.

To become a member in Ad2 Colorado awesomeness:

1) If you’re not afraid of the Internet (you’re here after all) click here for Instant Satisfication®*

2) Choose a committee or two that turns your crank.Programs & Socials
     • Programs & Socials
     • Education & Diversity
     • Public Service
     • Membership
     • Creative & Interactive
     • Communications
     • Fundraising & Sponsorships
3) Bask in the glory.

*Instant Satisfication is a registered mark of AD2 Colorado.
It’s not misspelled. You just don’t know, son. It’s from the streets of Chi-town, where most words don’t live past three syllables, and it never made it outta the hood like Satisfaction and that uppity-ass Gratification. You owe us 5¢ for every use.

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