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Ad2 Denver Public Service 2013-2014

Our public service campaign this year is with We Don’t Waste, a local organization created to change the way we eat, but more importantly, what we don’t eat. With a mission to discover a solution to hunger and reduce food waste in a collaborative manner, we want to help We Don’t Waste be known.

Believe in our cause?

Donate to Ad2 Public Service and your contribution will go to our advertising campaign for our client We Don’t Waste. Ad2 is a 501c(6) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Don't have the funds to contribute but still want to help? Connect with us. We accept in kind donations, sponsorship, media donations, and personal contributions. Help us, help you to help all. 

Email for more information. Thank you :) 

What is Ad2 Public Service? 

Ever wanted to do good work for a good cause in a great competition?

Every year, Ad2 Denver hosts the chance to help war heroes, four-legged friends and many more in need by designing a breakthrough campaign that gets noticed and breaks through to compete with Ad2 chapters coast to coast.

The Ad2 Denver Public Service Team is proud to announce the start of our 2013-2014 campaign! Our 2012-2013 campaign with Canine Partners of the Rockies took the Judge’s Choice Award at the national competition in June at ADMERICA!. Needless to say, we’re excited for this year!

The first step of our campaign is selecting a great nonprofit. Nonprofits can apply with the Public Service RFP. If you know an awesome, local nonprofit, please share the RFP and encourage them to apply. Responses can be sent to


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