The rise of original content and how brands must adapt

9:30am – 10:30pm

Speaker: Steve Babcock, Chief Creative Officer, Vayner Media

It's no secret platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat are pushing deeper into original content programming. Technology and platforms have democratized talent, production and distribution. Steve Babcock, Chief Creative Officer of VaynerMedia believes we as marketers need to wake up, stop apologizing for being brands and hiding behind product placements, and actually produce entertaining, “binge worthy” content. In this session, Steve will talk about how brands and agencies can embrace a “show approach”, a pilot mentality of creative experimentation to make successful, engaging and entertaining original content.

Talking is Hard: A Quick Guide to Presentation Skills

10:30am – 11:15am

Speakers: Justin Badger Operations & Cultural Manager, Victors & Spoils, Lindsay Nelson, Planning Director, Victors & Spoils

"The strategy is killer, the creative is on point, you spent 10 hours putting together the best deck the world has ever seen... but now you have to stand up and present the damn thing.  Rarely do folks spend the time to focus on how the words they've prepared actually come out of their mouths during client presentations.  We'll give you some easily applied presentation tools to help turn that stutter into stellar"

Demystifying The Power of Influencers

10:30am – 11:15am

Speakers: MK Woltz, Media Director, The Integer Group, Kevin Blazaitis, Executive Director IZEA Johney Burke, Director of Digital Strategy, Vladimir Jones, Jenny Russak Director of Digital Marketing iHeart Strategic Partnership Group, , Nick Evans, Writer/Blogger, 

Influencer marketing uses opinion leaders such as celebrities, bloggers, and anyone with a loyal following, to drive a brand’s message to their market of followers. With influencer marketing being a relatively new media tool, it comes with opportunity but also a need for demystification.

Where does it fit in a media strategy? How is it different from other native media types like in-feed social media or content recommendation widgets? How is it changing the way advertisers connect with audiences? How to find the right influencer(s)? Creatively, how is this approached? Why is it so hard to measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign? 

Our well-rounded panel of buyers, influencer platform, and influencer will provide perspective for those who are looking for new and creative ways in reaching their audiences while helping answer some of those challenges for those who are already engaged.

Design Thinking: Why Design Is Secretly Running The World

11:30am – 12:30pm

Speaker: Jen Hohn, Executive Creative Director, Vladimir Jones, Andrew Hoffman, Artist + Designer + Illustrator, Charles Carpenter, Creative Director, Wigwam Creative, Jen Jones, Partner, Design Strategy Director, Sterling Rice Group, Jay Farracane, Creative Director, Founder, Angry Bovine

From hieroglyphics on a cave wall to user experience iconography, design has always been a powerful means for communication. No matter what the channel, medium or application — design thinking is at the core of successful brands. Design reimagines elements, creates movements and drives preferences. In this session, a panel of industry experts will discuss how you can leverage design thinking to influence your audience and elevate your work.

Digital Advertising and Measurement ATTRIBUTION!

11:30am – 12:30pm

Speakers: Ashton Gary, Director of Account Strategy, Goodway Group, Gina Lee De Freitas, Chief Operating Officer, IMM, Linds Johnson, Associate Media Director, Heinrich Marketing, Kalli Skov, Collaborator Faction Media, Tim Gough, VP Insights and Analytics, Verve, Matt Nisbet, President, Supply

Attribution. People keep talking about, but how often is it really used, and how much value does it bring? We’ll tap into our panel’s expertise in the attribution space to discuss how the space has evolved, watchouts & best practices, and how they see space change in the future.

A New Hope: A Brave Force in Strategic Consulting – YOU

1:15pm – 2:15pm

Speaker: Jason De Turris, CSO, Phenomenon

Today, many agencies are uniquely armed with the left brain / right brain horsepower to become the vanguard of strategic consulting to the C-suite. It's time to assume the mantle. 

In this discussion, De Turris will share his 18+ years of experience that led him to Phenomenon, a creative and brand transformation agency that was most recently named one of Adweek's Agency 3.0 honorees. The agency has a strong set of principles but a flexible set of processes that enable them to deliver bold corporate strategies, breakthrough products, new user experiences and non-conventional communications platforms. Phenomenon's core belief is that the last competitive advantage in business is being first - first to identify a marketplace need, and first to fill that gap with meaning. Here, De Turris will share ten principles to help leadership teams transcend traditional agency roles and establish themselves as indispensable strategic consultants. Phenomenon partners with brands including PepsiCo, Intuit, Flywheel, Warner Brothers and more. 

Purpose-Driven Technology: The Cure for Shiny Object Syndrome

1:15pm – 2:15pm

Speakers: David Stewart, VP Creative Technology, Karsh Hagan, Andrew Baker Creative Technology Director, Cactus, Matt LeBaue, Marketing, Strategy and Lead Generation, Vermilion, Corban Baxter, Co-Founder & CEO Barbershop, Adam Herman, Director Client Development, Centro

Lack of focus.  Second-guessing.  Inefficiency.  Fear.  These are some side effects of the constant onslaught of ad-enhancing technology.  But technology should serve a purpose, not just check a box on a marketing plan. In this session, learn about some of the most-talked-about new technologies (like bots, voice programs and machine learning) but more importantly, how to evaluate new technology and imbue it with purpose that makes an authentic connection with and impact on your clients' businesses.

Brands Taking Stands

1:15pm – 2:15pm

Speakers: Eric Singer Executive Producer, Coupe Studios, Cassie Augustine, Partner Agency Zero, Steve Porcaro, Director of Content and Communications, New Belgium Brewing, Gigi Sukin, Digital Editor, ColoradoBiz, Chris Rock, ACD, Xuma

No matter what “side” you’re on, we can probably agree that the super-charged political landscape is affecting how consumers relate to brands and vice versa. Many brands continue to try and appeal to everyone, while others are speaking up and taking a stand. A couple of recent examples of this are the Budweiser pro-immigrant spot, and the Audi pro-women's rights spot. These examples show brands utilizing paid advertising to express their support for causes. There are numerous other brand ambassadors who’ve spoken out in the media, taken action, or released press comments that have affected consumer viewpoints (i.e. Patagonia, Starbucks and Uber). How do we, as advertisers, help our clients successfully show their passions—or not? How do marketers navigate this climate while staying true to themselves, their brand, and shareholders? When is getting on board with a cause the right move for a brand? And is it wrong, or right, to commercialize a cause? This panel discusses how, and when, to help brands wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Shaking Up The Colorado Ad Scene: Recruiter Panel

2:15pm – 3:15pm

Speakers: Kara Taylor, Managing Director of FBI Recruiting, Sam Schmitz, Senior Recruiter at CP+BRebekah Pinter, HR/Talent Manager at Mondo Robot, Shayne Ravin, Division Director for The Creative Group/Robert Half Intl.

Attracting, recruiting & retaining top talent has always been a key challenge for agencies. The agency brain drain to the tech world and client-side has been well documented. And groups like the 3% conference, and progressive clients like General Mills are driving agencies to increase racial and gender diversity. In this session, a panel of top local recruiters share their insights on how Colorado agencies can build and maintain a more diverse agency talent pool. 

Built To Last: An Enviable Colorado Client/Agency Partnership


Speakers: Jonathan Schoenberg, Partner/ECD TDA Boulder, Jim Reuter, CEO of FirstBank

TDA Boulder and FirstBank have had a long and successful partnership - 7 years - an eternity in today's advertising industry. It's a relationship that's yielded both award-winning, category-leading creative work - and sustained business growth for FirstBank, the largest bank holding company in Colorado. In this session, Jonathan Schoenberg, Partner/ECD at TDA Boulder talks with Jim Reuter, CEO of FirstBank about what's made this client/agency partnership so successful.

The Age of Authenticity: connecting brands with people in a diverse cultural landscape

3:15pm - 4:00pm

Speakers: Matt Statman, CEO and CCO, Motive, Krista Nicholson, EVP, Strategy and Operations. Motive, Greg Hadden ECD, Motive Made Studios, Matt Proctor, CD, Experiential, Motive

When did “breaking the internet” for a day become the benchmark for success? In a hyper-connected world, where people are constantly searching for meaning and re-invention, brands have an opportunity and obligation to play a larger role. We’ll discuss how carefully designed brand experiences can serve as the basis for communication that delivers greater meaning on the individual level while adding to our cultural fabric.



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