Optimism - Looking for the Opportunity in Everything

Speaker: Bryan Rowles, Executive Creative Director/Partner, 72andSunny, New York

Bryan Rowles, Executive Creative Director and Partner of 72andSunny, will talk about creative opportunities from the "early days" streets of El Segundo to the the cobblestones of Dumbo. Throughout his career, Rowles has created memorable work for global brands including Smirnoff, Google, Activision, Nike, Discovery Channel and Samsung. 72andSunny has offices in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Sydney, Singapore, and New York City. Rowles is currently taking up residency in the New York office so he can be a short train ride from his beloved Philadelphia Phillies.

A Peak Behind the Curtain. An insiders' view of New Business

Speaker: Duffy Humbert, Marketing Search Consultant, SRI

New business is as thrilling as it is puzzling. It’s all too easy for agencies to have a zillion questions that go largely unanswered. Why are clients putting accounts in review? What are they looking for from their new agency partner? What are the winning-est agencies doing to differentiate themselves and stand out?  How are lists built and what is the role of geography in agency selection? How do clients respond to agency size in today's search for a nimble-make-it happen partner? Our speaker, who hails from search consultancies, gives you the goods on what works in today’s rapidly changing market. And why.  

BlockChain – What is it and How will it Effect Advertising?

Speakers: Breaux Walker, SVP Blockchain, Kochava, Ashton Gary, Director of Digital Strategy, Goodway Group, more to come…

Cryptocurrency is, for lack of a better word, cryptic to many of us in the world of advertising. Is it good for brands, networks, and mass markets? Is it too big a risk? What role(s) does Blockchain play in this emerging realm of data? Our panel flips questions like these into answers and ideas for digital media companies to prepare and participate as cryptocurrency becomes a reality that cannot be ignored.

Expert Finance Moves Your Agency May Be Missing

Speakers: James Graham, Founder, Richtr Financial Studio, Judd MacRae, Partner, Richtr Financial Studio

 Too often agencies either over-architect or neglect their financial operations and planning tools. This often causes key trends to be missed and focus to be lost. Yet, simple shifts in reporting, planning and operations can lead to clarity, thoughtful action, and significantly less headaches. This discussion will demonstrate methods on how to drive success through simplification and by zeroing in on the right data.

The Power of Representation – From Inclusive Leadership to Authentic Execution

Speakers: Jen Hohn, Executive Creative Director, Vladimir Jones, Andrea Nordgren, Content Director/Executive Producer of the 3% Movement, Meredith Vaughan, CEO and Partner, Vladimir Jones

In the boardroom and on TV, we’re seeing progress with less women being objectified. Yet due to the highly-charged political environment, there’s now a lack of women representation overall. Let’s dive into the inherent strengths of both genders and challenge agencies and brands to be the ones to break cultural norms for the better. A panel of industry experts will share examples of where the ad industry can create greater connections through their work and their staff.

Stop Buying Talent, Start making it.

Speakers: Allison Kent-Smith, Founder Smith & Beta

Talent is one of the most prized assets we can discover in our industry. But how do you harness it, develop it, evolve their capabilities, skill sets and mindsets to meet the ever-changing demands of an industry racing at Mach 10? This session will closely examine how some of the best in the advertising game supercharge their internal talent, including those at respected brands and well-known North American ad agencies. Data and reasons why will be shared as will a quick how-to-guide serving you actionable steps and strategies you can use to up your own game and get the most out of your team.   

Teaching and Practicing Purpose in Advertising

Speakers: Harsha Gangadharbatla, Founding Chair Dept. of Advertising, PR & Media Design, CU Boulder, Max Lenderman, Principal, School, Erin Schauster, CU Boulder, John Winsor, Speakeasy Guild, Larry Olson, Studio Lo

58% of U.S. consumers avoid brands they believe behave unethically and are looking for companies to lead social change by providing transparent communication regarding the impact their practices have on society and the environment. Are advertising practitioners in concert with the brands they represent responding by behaving more ethically and with purpose? Should they? This panel brings together academic and industry professionals to discuss the teaching and practice of purpose in advertising as more and more consumers seek out more responsible products.

From Precious To Workhorse: Why Native Advertising Is Breaking Out Of Its Box

Speakers: Lance Johnson, VP of Midwest Sales, Sharethrough

Ads that fit in have gone from being a niche idea in ad-tech to the new gold standard. With now its own programmatically-traded standard, outperforming traditional display across the funnel and taking in the large majority of mobile advertising revenue globally, this panel will discuss why it's time to retire the idea of native as its own category, but rather a workhorse that can drive performance throughout the entire funnel. Because if the future is native, can’t we just start calling it advertising?

Talk to clients about money like you talk to your kids about sex

Speaker: Dodie Martz, Associate Partner, Director of Revenue Operations, Eleven, San Francisco, CA

Marketing and advertising communicators are in a creative business, and the "business" side of what we do is often hard to talk about , especially when it comes to money. Maybe if professionals took a nontraditional approach in talking about money, our industry would find daily work a little easier to do and much more successful. This session hashes out how natural and productive financial conversations with big brands can be more efficient than awkward and defensive ones.  

Friends don’t let friends do the ‘safe’ option.

Speakers: Jeff Martin, VP Chief Creative Officer, Karsh Hagan, Terri O'Brien, CEO Creative Director, Salvage Advertising

Congrats. Game day with the client is coming and you have stellar ideas across the board. They’re brilliant. On strategy. Nothing like anything your client’s seen before—and that’s scary. It’s scary enough that a safe option finds its way into the mix, and it just became the odds-on winner. How do creatives push bigger ideas without a safer, watered-down version interfering? How can we better sell campaigns with an edge without the fear of client retaliation if the comfortable idea isn’t present? This panel examines the nature of pitching campaigns entertaining fresh territory and delivers ideas and examples on how we can all win with better work that works.     

The Business of Being Good: Creating and Telling Your Social Impact Story

Speakers: Lora Ledermann, Owner Creative Director, Scream Agency more to come….

We are amidst a growing movement of companies using business as a force for good. This panel will bring you up to speed on terms like B Corporations, Best for Colorado, sustainability, social impact, employee engagement, and community involvement. It will provide great insight in to what it means to your business and your brand. Learn how to discover and tell your “be good” story in an authentic way that moved the needle in your community.

Man Therapy and Cactus: Grassroots to Greatness

Speakers: Joe Conrad, Founder and CEO Cactus, Jerrod Hindman Deputy Chief and Injury Prevention, CDPHE

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s Office of Suicide Prevention wanted a campaign for men’s mental health, but there was a problem. They had practically no budget. Yet through a unique partnership between them and Denver ad agency Cactus, the Man Therapy brand was born. Nearly six years later, one million people have visited, an average visit time of five minutes is spent on this site, and 250,000 men completed the 20-point-head inspection that delivers a mental health evaluation and connects them to self-care resources. Learn the secret behind how client and agency together grew one of the world’s most ground-breaking suicide-prevention campaigns, along with a number of favorite stories about Man Therapy—past, present, and future.

Don’t Feed the Board Monkeys

Speaker: Matt Walsh , CEO + Founder, Greenstone

What separates a “board monkey” from a genius? You can call it interaction design, information architecture, service design or experience design. In every shape and form, it’s a discipline gaining increasing importance in the architecture of our sites, gadgets, environments, and the world around us. So, what makes a great UX designer? Big digital agency or a tiny startup shop, the answer remains the same. This talk will reveal thirteen attributes highlighting discrete examples illustrating how each individual approach translates to better work for all of us.



**Workshops/speakers subject to change

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