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We realize non-profits often have challenged budgets. Colorado advertising pros help supercharge these efforts with our new innovative program.

It’s simple: A local non-profit first designates its advertising/outreach budget to Ad Club Denver. The club then leverages donations from local media outlets and places the non-profit’s campaign, guaranteeing a 3-to-1 return on marketing dollars. If a campaign isn’t readily available, an agency then donates its talent and time to create a cohesive, managed ad campaign designed to deliver beyond the traditional media/non-profit partnerships. It’s truly a win-win to help a non-profit who helps those in need every waking moment possible.  


David Droga, Allen Rosenshine, Alex Bogusky, Steffan Postaer. Luke Sullivan. These are the tip of one giant iceberg of Earth-shaking leaders from ad agencies and plum companies who come to speak, connect and inspire.


It’s an opportunity for employees from universities and technical institutes 

to find open desks. It’s an opportunity for agencies, design and PR firms, and marketing departments to find new blood. The name of this corporate match-making event says it all. The Connect committee recruits companies and schools to host, promote the event, and pursue media coverage.  


The Fifty is perhaps the most unique and progressive advertising show planetwide—recognizing the area’s 50 top breakthrough ideas. No shiny trophies are handed out. No categories either. Just the best media-neutral ideas spanning from traditional, public relations, digital, and self-promotion are selected by pros from the nation’s most progressive agencies doubling as judges.

All Fifty winners also have a shot to submit their work to take on the regional District 12 ADDYs competition sponsored by the AAF to see if they can clear the wall to compete at the national level. 


Aces are the industry’s unsung heroes, the people behind the scenes who deserve extra love. Who is the best printer? The best photographer? The best radio rep? More than 20 categories are up for grabs annually, nominated and voted by members of the Colorado advertising/marketing community and give n standing ovations at The Fifty. 


Every year, Ad Club Denver pays tribute to one outstanding individual who has singlehandedly raised the game for the Colorado advertising community. Pros from all over come to an event held in this person’s honor.  


One of our more popular—and free—networking functions, Kegs with Legs draws people to host agencies and companies to showcase their facilities along with cups of fresh beer. Good times. Good beer. Good people.


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