AAF Colorado



Join us on #FreeAdEthicsDay on October 10 to earn the definition of Ethics: "Doing the Right Thing": Truthful and transparent claims; How to create ethical ads to special audiences (e.g. Children) and for special products (e.g., Alcoholic beverages); and not stereotyping and denigrating audiences racially or by gender; and Learn How to Be fully transparent in our claims and in our business relations between clients, agencies, media, suppliers and office employees. Join us on #FreeAdEthicsDay on October 10. To sign up visit https://www.aaf.org/AAFMemberR/Efforts/AAF_Ethics/AAF_Ethics_Seminar_2019.aspx

It’s Like The Ad Club of Ad Clubs

As an Ad Club Colorado member, you automatically become part of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) – the unifying voice of advertising. AAF represents over 50,000 members of all disciplines and career levels, as well as students and educators.  

On a local level, members are provided with ample opportunities:

  • Develop professional skills and business opportunities during the AAF National Conference and various regional events

  • Garner national honors for business and community accomplishments through the AAF Silver Medal Award, American Advertising Awards and Mosaic Awards

  • Take advantage of AAF member discount programs on trade publications, overnight delivery services, car rentals and more

These are mere drops in the bucket. For the complete world of benefits, please visit AAF.org