Putting the Go in Good Works

At Ad Club CO, we believe in the greater good of helping those who need it most. Nonprofits can make the most of their challenged budgets through our innovative program, Good Works.

  1. A local nonprofit first designates its advertising/outreach budget to Ad Club CO.

  2. The club then leverages donations from local media outlets, guaranteeing a 3-to-1 return on marketing dollars. Ad Club CO has access to inventory on high-profile radio, TV, magazines, and outdoor to place your campaign.

  3. If you do not have creative elements immediately available, an agency will then donate its talent and time to help you create a cohesive, managed ad campaign designed to deliver beyond the traditional media/nonprofit partnerships.

  4. Ad Club CO will deliver quarterly reports to your board of directors, detailing placement and value. We will also assist in offering media recommendations and revisions to make your campaign even more effective.

It’s truly a win-win to help a nonprofit who helps people day in, day out.
For more information on the Good Works Program email, and take a look at nonprofits we have helped!