Colorado Ad Day 2019

Session Descriptions

Opening Keynote: Transformative Storytelling

As the opening keynote speaker for Colorado Ad Day 2019, Jeremy will get us in the right frame of mind by exploring the power of storytelling in the modern age. This session will include lessons learned from coaching more than 200 TEDxMileHigh speakers, whose talks have been viewed more than 50 million times.

Speaker: Jeremy Duhon / Founder and Curator, TEDxMileHigh

Anatomy 101: Building An Internal Agency From The Inside Out

What does it take to build an award-winning in-house team? Take a fascinating look inside UCHealth’s upstart internal agency, and how they are creating memorable, meaningful advertising in an industry not known for memorable, meaningful advertising.

Speakers: Jeff Kosloski, ECD & Brad Fixler, VP of Marketing

The Future of Advertising Agencies

Where are they going? What changes will we see? Will advertising in its current form even exist? This panel discussion blends representatives from various disciplines to explore how agencies are being redesigned for the future.

Panelists: Brett Grischo, Explore / Tracy Broderick, Karsh Hagan / Paul Raab, LinhartPR / D'Arcy Toffolo, Moore Communications

C-Suite Centricity

CX revolution is underway. Transformation is happening everywhere, and customer experience finds itself at the center of this storm. This presentation will help you find new success by looking at CX strategy from an entirely different perspective, using “Time” as a unifying principle to deliver profitable CX across your organization. Join Dennis in unpacking the practical tools and methods to reveal the most important connections between CX, operations, and annual financial success.

Speaker: Dennis Wakabayashi / Vice President of Integrated Commerce, The Integer Group

The Corner Office Ain't Always Comfy

Wanna know what it’s like to own the joint? Here’s a chance to eavesdrop on a conversation among agency owners about being the shot-caller. You’ll get an insider view on the good, bad, and occasionally terrifying parts of having your name on the door. The talk will cover things from gut-wrenching losses and layoffs to moments of euphoric car dancing, embarrassing major f*&k ups, and weird stuff that no one imagines having to think about before making the ownership leap.

Moderator: Cassie Augustine / Agency Zero

Panelists: Eric Singer / Coupe Studios, Dave Schiff / Made Movement, Andy Nathan / Fortnight Collective, and Robin Ashmore / Amélie

The Future of Experiential Marketing

Is it really going to be virtual? Most marketing pundits are frothing at the mouth for the latest AR/VR technologies in order to augment or replace real-world experiences. Tech is both a massive opportunity and major risk for marketers, retailers and brands. Max Lenderman will show and dissect the latest tech trends in the industry, and the major strategic shifts brands are making, to create better experiences and engagement for their audiences.

Speaker: Max Lenderman / Founder and CEO, School

Afternoon Keynote: The DTC Power Trio – Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence & Technology

As the amount of data marketers have access to has exploded, so has the difficulty in turning that data into useful insights and action. Marketers don’t need more data, they need the right data. Personalization is key for direct to consumer brands, and ensuring you’re relaying the right message to the right person at the right time is of utmost importance. In this session, we will discuss how brands are using Artificial Intelligence (AI), where it falls short, and why it's still necessary to apply Human Intelligence (HI) and proper technology to make the most of AI and drive business outcomes for marketers.

Speaker: Charlie Neer / SVP Revenue, MiQ

Cross-channel Integration

This session blends representatives from a variety of specialties to explore how we can better integrate and build agencies that can meet the ever-evolving demands of today’s client.

<Trisha and Joel are syncing up on Friday to refine and expand this session description.>

Facilitator: Trisha Tomaszewski / TripleLift

Panelists: Joel Cox / Strategus, Grant Gudgel / Teads Studio, Lisa Effress / 11 Dollar Bill, and Katrina Padron / North Star HQ

Closing Keynote: Colorado’s Next Advertising Generation

Our closing speaker Peter Giorgi, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Celebrity Cruises (formerly AirBnB and CP+B) will be encapsulating and connecting the themes of the day, tying it all together into a comprehensive overview of the next generation of advertising in Colorado.

Speaker: Peter Giorgi / CMO, Celebrity Cruises

**All Sessions and Times are subject to change.