Nonprofit Ad Hack

For all Nonprofits

Local Agencies team up with local nonprofits to help with advertising needs. Whether it's developing campaigns, a marketing strategy or a single logo this event is about everyone helping everyone. 

Nonprofits will have access to top advertising professionals across Colorado. Increase your advertising potential and maximize your communications about your non-profit. Food and drink will also be provided.  

Non-Profits Apply for the 2019 Non-Profit Hack Here

Ad Hack 2019 October 19th 9-4pm

For Agencies and Freelancers

The Ad Club CO Good Works Project will be holding a 1 day “Ad Hack” so you can put your marketing and advertising skills to use and help these fantastic organizations take their messaging and content to some seriously noticeable levels. 

We are looking for a good cross section of agency/freelancer folks across all disciplines that give a shit and want to make a real difference in this great state we call home. If you’ve got the chops, we’ve got the folks that need your help.  

To bring a team to help nonprofits contact