Creative Mornings / Caffeinated Mornings

Ad Club CO partners with Creative Mornings (Denver) and Caffeinated Mornings (Boulder) to inspire members of our club and celebrate Colorado's growing creative community. Enjoy breakfast and a short talk showcasing Denver/Boulder area creatives, designers, artists, developers, photographers, architects and more. The events happen on the 1st Friday (Boulder) and 4th Friday (Denver) of each month. They're free to attend, and open to all. So come, meet, listen, experience, participate, connect - and leave inspired.



The growing archive of past breakfast talks is humbling. From design legends to hometown heroes, speakers are selected by each chapter based on a global theme. Creative Mornings remains free thanks to the support of local sponsors, generous venues, and long-term partners.

Anyone can attend. Just register beforehand to reserve your spot. And if you need a little help convincing your boss to let you attend, we’ve got you covered. Remember to set your alarm, and we’ll see you in the morning!

NEXT EVENT: August 16th

Michael Acuna





Caffeinated Mornings is a monthly, first Friday, talk series, that focuses on showcasing talent from a wide array of creative disciplines, We provide an opportunity to host the stories behind, to the side and in front of the work that our guests produce every day. Inspiration, is the real goal of this event. We want attendees to come meet, listen, experience, participate connect and leave inspired. We are fortunate to have such a rich and talented community, and we are honored to provide a place for it to come together and so it can be shared.


Noel Dolan


How many times have you been told "you can't..." or "you'll never make it"? for some it's the end of things before they ever really started. For some, it's fuel. And for others it's just the way it is. The road to becoming a creative is never straight, simple or easy. In fact its often the things that get in our path, or try to thwart us from what we know we're capable only serve to drive us more. Join us for what is sure to be an inspiring and energetic discussion about shaking off the nay sayers, working in less than ideal conditions and how refusing to give up has driven the design life of Noel Dolan.

Join us at our new home, CU's CMCI studio in the lower atrium at 1301 Walnut Avenue in Boulder.

Noel Dolan is an award-winning graphic designer and calligrapher who calls Colorado Springs home. She started her graphic design journey in elementary school with a bootleg copy of the original Photoshop and creating her own fonts. Once she became a grown up, Noel attended Colorado State University and The Art Institute of Colorado. She began her career as an intern at the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and later became the Art Director. In 2017, Noel joined the marketing team at Pikes Peak Community College as the Art & Graphic Design Coordinator. In addition to her full-time job, Noel also runs Noel Dolan Creative, teaches calligraphy at Ladyfingers Letterpress, and served as the director of AIGA Colorado Springs for 2 years. Most recently, Noel was named the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Colorado Springs Designer of the Year.

When Noel isn't designing, she's lettering, cooking, reading, snuggling her cat Macbeth, and traveling the world. She considers her global adventures to be the biggest inspiration for her work.