A Letter from Ad Club CO President, Robin Ashmore



As I write to you today, I am humbled and honored to lead the Colorado Ad Club. The world of advertising has always been dynamic, forward-leaning and incredibly relevant to our time. That’s still true and now, more than ever, our world has expanded to an increasingly large and diverse set of players. For a long time, it seemed that our partners were a predictable set of artists, photographers, producers, directors, animators, retouchers and researchers. Now in the age of big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and social media, we are faced with the challenge of converging and integrating this expanding cast of characters. This is the age of inclusion.

Yet, the art of storytelling—that age old tradition and quintessential human bonder—has never been more important. It’s the very core of our métier. Video and other visual channels continue to rise as the new forums for this expression. We advertisers and all communications professionals find ourselves at the heart of brands, celebrities and pundits who seek authentic relationships with their audiences. We are tasked with satisfying people who seek something real, something that looks and feels genuine and that gives them a reason to believe. Our stories, our narratives and ourselves are conveyed around the digital campfire of our day. This is the age of interconnectedness.

Your Ad Club here in Colorado exists to help us all comprehend and thrive in this big, broad and ever-evolving world we work in. We are here to bring us together, raise the collective bar, and up our game as a broader community. I invite you to join us this year whether to listen and learn at Colorado Ad Day; to bask in the glory of our colossal collective creative talent at The Fifty; or to mix and mingle at a monthly Kegs with Legs event. We are all in this together, so come out and show your face! If I have any say at all, this will be the year of engagement. 

Yours truly,


Robin Ashmore
President, Ad Club CO 
Principal, Amélie Company

Ad Club Colorado