The Fifty: Student Entries

The Fifty, showcasing Colorado’s fifty best ideas in advertising. Join us in celebrating the creativity and… progressive atmosphere of Colorado’s advertising industry by entering your work in The Fifty. All 50 Winners will be forwarded to the American Advertising Awards!

2019 Entries due November 1.

NEW FEES FOR LATE ENTRIES. Any entries submitted after November 2nd will be charged a 20% additional late entry fee.  


How to prepare your 2018 Entries:

How do I enter?

  1. Write up to a 150 word description of your idea in a Word document.

  2. Decide which execution(s) best represent your idea. You may enter up to ten separate assets. Please follow the specs below. Do not place your assets collectively in a pdf.

  3. For each idea you submit, please place all the assets in a single folder with your Word document description.

  4. Title a main folder with the name of your agency or company, place each entry within that folder. Zip the folder for upload. For Student Entry please label Student Entry.

  5. Repeat this process for as many ideas as you want to submit to The Fifty.

  6. Submit entries to the online link below.

Click here to pay fees online.

To upload entries, click or paste the dropbox link below. Use the dropbox link to upload all entries in a zipped file.

Entries must be submitted by 6:00 p.m. November 1.


Submission Formats:

Option 1
Compose a two-minute (or less) slideshow or video about your idea. You can include photos, videos, a voiceover, or whatever you want along with the elements of your idea. This is how they do the Titanium Lions at Cannes. See examples here and here.

Option 2
Follow the instructions below.

  1. Print ad, editorial layout, outdoor, logo, poster or other printed piece: Convert your file into a .jpg or .gif. Make it fit within 900x600 pixel space. The total file size must not exceed 1Mb.

  2. Video, animation or commercial: Videos may be Hi Res. Include the full video file.

  3. Website, microsite or mobile: Your site must be hosted somewhere for it to be judged. Submit a link to the site. If you choose, you can also submit a screen capture of your idea to demonstrate a key detail, following the requirements for a print ad or poster.

  4. Web banners or rich media: Send us your .swf, .gif or jpg no larger than 4Mb. If you feel it must be seen in context, you can submit a screen capture.

  5. Event, signage, packaging, 3-D piece, environmental or guerrilla activity: Take a photo and then follow the requirements for a print/poster idea. Or take a movie and follow the requirements for a video/spot.

  6. Radio spot or audio track: Submit an .mp3. File size must not exceed 2Mb.

  7. Something else: Write an explanation in a Word doc and add it to your folder. Be as clear as possible. Include a photo if you like.


More Details

Each entry can include one to 10 pieces that represent the idea.

  • $25 for student work entry



  1. The idea must have been created in Colorado.
  2. The idea must have debuted publicly in 2018 to qualify for AAF American Awards forwarding.

  3. Both Ad Club CO members and non-members are eligible.